Our Story

Humble Beginnings and Kraisinger’s Market

Kings Pointe Catering has a proud and rooted history. While the present catering business was founded and built more then two-decades ago, the true beginning of the business was inspired more than eighty years ago.

James Kraisinger (an immigrant from what is now known as the Czech Republic), was inspired to start his own business. Arriving in the United States in 1907, at age seven, James had a vision to start his own business. In 1937, he traded food for $500 worth of lumber, and built a local landmark, on Quarry Street in Mount Pleasant Borough, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

The store still operates today under the original name of Kraisinger’s Market. In addition to building and operating the store, James also developed recipes for smoked kolbasy, sausage, and garlic bacon. All of which are still made, using his recipes and smoked in the smokehouse that he built years ago. As time passed, the product line expanded into fresh sausages and a variety of other smoked products.

James Kraisinger turned over the market to his two sons, William and Regis, in 1955.

A New Generation of Kraisingers

Regis J. Kraisinger was drawn into the family business at an early age. At the age of four, he would stand on a milk crate, and trim out bones that his father would give him at the family butcher shop.

In the 1960’s, Regis and his wife Jody, became the sole proprietors. With the changing economy, Regis looked for ways to keep the market profitable. In the early 1980’s, Regis and Jody, entered into the wholesale fund-raising business. Hoagies are still made today for groups and organizations that resell them as fund-raisers. These tasty sandwiches, made from the freshest lunchmeats and produce, have been a local favorite for the past thirty years.

As the business environment continued to change, the Kraisinger’s evolved and adapted their business strategy. The ‘mom and pop’ business was forced to reconsider the role of some groceries as more competition surrounded them. What has become the last surviving ‘mom and pop’ store in Mount Pleasant, and there were dozens of them in the 1930’s and 1940’s, is a testimony to the hard work and adaptation that has taken place.

Nearly 80 years later, Regis Kraisinger is still operating the market, and has cut his fair share of tasty steaks over the years for the faithful local cliental.

Kings Pointe Catering

In the late 1980’s, Regis made the tough decision to eliminate some grocery items and began to offer both cold and hot deli items. The retail sale of these deli items were so successful, that customers began ordering items in bulk, and thus the catering operation was developed. As the catering business grew, the space required to handle the orders soon became limited and it was realized that a new facility was needed to handle the volume.

In 1991, after receiving an economics degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Regis and Jody‘s son, Regis Jr., became more involved with the family business. Soon, plans began taking shape for expanding the family business into a full service catering business. After a long search, a ten-acre parcel of land was secured just one mile west of Mount Pleasant, in East Huntington Township, at the intersection of State Routes 31 & 119. After overcoming many obstacles in obtaining permits and utilities, a first class facility was built in 1995. Choosing a name for the new business was easy. It was decided that since both Regis Sr. and Regis Jr. were involved, their names would somehow be incorporate into the name of the business. In Latin, Regis translates to mean king. And, looking down at a map of the land the facility was built, it is at the point of the property. Thus the name, Kings Pointe.

Regis Kraisinger Jr. operates Kings Pointe Catering. Kings Pointe extensive menu options are outlined on our web page. If you are looking for something not listed, please ask and if possible, we will to accommodate you. We have a large modern kitchen with all the necessary equipment to handle catering parties for up to one-thousand guests on a daily basis. While some caterers cut corners, we went the extra mile to make sure our customers get the very best products and services. We are fully insured as well as both state certified and inspected. Our staff prepares home-made foods, made from scratch. Many of our ethnic recipes have been handed down for generations.

Whether you are looking to pick up just a few a-la-carte items to supplement your meal, or you want a full service meal with all the amenities, our staff is happy to assist you. Whatever your occasion a corporate/office function, wedding, birthday party, funeral luncheon, private dinner or any other event that requires catering, we can accommodate you. We cater to any function inside or outside your facility or residence, in addition to local social halls and parks throughout Western PA. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are available. We can even provide box lunches.

From modest beginnings in 1937, the Kraisinger family business has come a long way. James Kraisinger would certainly be proud!

Our eighty plus years in the foodservice business tells it all, and we won’t disappoint you.